PSB Performance Speaking Bootcamp – What you absolutely need to know and be able to do as a performer.

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600.00 €

Lay the foundation for your successful speaker and trainer business with this 2-day intensive course. Learn what you absolutely need as a successful speaker or trainer in terms of know-how and skills – in the area of voice, presence, performance and health.

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PSB Performance Speaking Bootcamp – What you absolutely need to know and be able to do as a performer!

(2-day crash course)

Are you looking for a seminar that will prepare you for your speaker and performer life in the best way possible? That gives you an overview of what you really need in terms of know-how and skills to make a career on stage? That shows you how to use your voice optimally, for example, to be able to speak at the top for a long time or how to raise your presence and your performance to the next level?


Here are 5 reasons why this seminar is different from others:

  1. Not only does it give you an overview of all the building blocks you need to be a speaker and performer, but
    it packs you with a whole backpack full of knowhow and exercises that you simply
    must have, if you want to perform the profession with joy, stress-free and healthy long time.
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  3. You learn to deliver a top performance, even if you are not fit in health.
    Because a sick speaker/performer does not earn money!
  4. You’ll get a crash course for frequent travelers and knowhow about jet lag, sleep cycles,
    physical fitness and nutrition.
  5. You’ll learn how to make the most of your voice – your most important tool.
  6. You train how it feels when voice, body and presence in your story
    come together and you stand as an expressive personality on stage.

Who am I to teach you all this?


I am an opera and concert singer, speaker and coach for voice and presence and in these capacities for over 15 years around the world. Especially as an opera and concert singer, I always have to be fit to deliver a top performance – no matter if I still have jet lag in my bones, the air in the room is way too dry or the acoustics are crap.

You only get this know-how by doing and by asking experienced opera colleagues for advice. And outside of the stage business, it’s usually not known.
That’s exactly why I want to give it to you in this crash course as the tools for your successful career as a speaker.

I promise you: it will be one of the most valuable tips you will get in your speaker life!

(Course materials and meals included in the course fee.)

This is what bootcamp participants say:

We booked a 2-day workshop that was completely tailored to our needs. And although I expected a lot, my expectations were more than exceeded. Voice training and voice development, own mindset, relating to the audience, performing and playing as a speaker in different roles – There was no topic that was not fully covered by Wiebke Huhs in relation to my requirements. I am incredibly impressed and can recommend Wiebke Huhs with full conviction. (Claudia Chinello, Poker in Business)

How do I make people stick to my lips during my presentation? With this task I went to the workshop with Wiebke. And I was not disappointed. Wiebke convinces with an enormous experience, effective practical exercises and infinite patience. I have taken a lot with me in the 2 days. Thank you Wiebke! (Marcus Selzer, Golden Sails Consulting GmbH)

A complete transformation of the voice! Wiebke Huhs is a master of her craft. The workshop consisted of physical exercises, theoretical lessons and above all many practical exercises with immediate feedback for correction. I learned what is important when speaking in front of an audience, so that the voice is authentic and also reaches the audience, and we practiced it until every participant could do it. The most impressive thing for me was the realization of how just the awareness when speaking, the inner mental field, affects the fullness of sound, the carrying capacity and the intelligibility. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to be persuasive in front of their audience.
(Peter A. Fricke, MD, Shortcut Business Psychology Expert)


You can’t find a date that suits you, but you really want to do the seminar?
You have 3 options:
1. look for you still 5 comrades-in-arms and I come to you and make the seminar with you!
2. write me an email, in which period it would be good for you and I’ll see if other comrades-in-arms can be found (but this can take time!).
3. you want to learn in C times rather safely from home? Then we can do the seminar online. (More info at

TPB 18./19.09.2021 - 9.00 - 18.00 clock , 19./20.11.2021 - 9.00-18.00 clock